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This is Epecuen, near Buenos Aires. A long-term weather event was delivering far more rain than usual to the surrounding hills for years, and Lago Epecuen began to swell. On 10 November 1985 the enormous volume of water broke through the rock and earth dam and inundated much of the town under four feet of water. By 1993, the slow-growing flood consumed the town until it was covered in 10 meters of water.The town disappeared under water and was submerged until now…


Frederick Childe Hassam, Late Afternoon, New York, Winter (circa 1900)

“Hassam, who had shown an early promise for art, escaped the life of an accountant after mere weeks at that career. He trained as a draftsman in wood engraving, but quickly moved to watercolors and subsequent work in illustration. His studies in Paris at the Académie Julian left minimal impact on his art, as he was far more interested in that which the Impressionists were at. Though he didn’t consider himself an Impressionist, he is best known for a similar use of color, light and brushwork.” - Art History

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